Simple Roulette Tactics

The wheel goes round and round and James Bond is about to score big. Yes, the lure of Roulette is legendary. It’s been featured in movies for decades. The game itself is incredibly easy to play and incredibly easy to mess up and lose your shirt. Today, I’ll give you a couple of simple Roulette tactics to help improve your play and give you a better chance to walk away from the Roulette table a winner. And isn’t winning and fun why we play this great game?

I don’t know about you, but I love when the bets are down and the ball is spinning. The pulse quickens, the hands sweat and all sorts of endorphins are released. Clink, clink, clink, drop, winner! And what makes this game even better is that we get to have this fun experience about once per 1-2 minutes-depending on how fast the game is running. Can’t you just feel it?

It’s Budget Time

Yes, it’s time to become a mini-accountant. The first tactic in winning Roulette is to manage your money-and well. It’s so darn easy to throw chips all over the darn place, which usually results in heavy losses unless you’re a supreme mathematician that can keep track of all the odds and bets.

Never, ever begin a Roulette session without a budget in mind. You should know how much you’re willing to lose-willing, not want-and how much you want to win-realistically. Here’s a great example. I walk up to the Roulette table. I’m willing to spend up to $1,000. I’d like to win $2,000.

What’s this mean? If my $1,000 disappears, I’m done and I walk. If I’m having a good session and I look down and see $3,000 in chips ($1,000 bank and $2,000 winnings), I’ve hit my goal, so I walk. Make goals and keep them.

You Don’t Have To Bet On Everything

Seriously. Just because the Roulette layout is filled with all sorts of lovely betting options doesn’t mean you have to bet them all on each spin-although the casino would love that. Don’t get caught up in the action.

Pick your bets-a small handful at most-and roll with them. You don’t need to cover every possible piece of action and if you do, you’ll lose 99% of the time. Just because you’re betting on 17, doesn’t mean you must bet on black, odd, 1-19, the second column and so forth.

Maximize your hits by keeping your bets to a minimum.

Yes, Roulette is exciting, but it can lead to ruin quickly. Keep these Roulette strategies in mine the next time you go to play. Keep your goals and maximize your bets. Good luck!

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